Search Engine Marketing

Google, Yahoo and Bing provides tracking systems that helps user to easily monitor effectiveness of your advertising campaign

Keyword Usage

Cross linking

Number of Links


A regular Internet user may not be familiar with or understand what exactly is search engine optimization, but anyone involved with the process of developing a website and marketing it, will tell you the importance of the term in making yourself visible to millions of surfers on the Internet.

Most Search engine optimization techniques are primarily focused on getting indexed. Most leading search engines use crawlers that match their algorithmic structures. Some of the online directories though still require manual submission of pages, which are then that are sent for editorial reviews. Some such directories are- The Open Directory Project and Yahoo Directory. Now let's take a look at some commonly used search engine optimization methods and how we can help your website reach top Google and Yahoo rankings by using Keyword usage, URL normalization, Cross Linking, Link popularity, Number of links, Online PRs methods.